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Welcome to the Clan DW Monster Mash & Monster Evolution Wiki! 


Here you will find information about classes, abilities, monsters and much more. If you think you can contribute to the project then please create an account, and once approved you will be able to edit any of the pages and help out your fellow Monster Mashers!



DW Monster Mash Server 1 and 2



About Monster Mash


General FAQ

DWRPG Changelog (Check here for information on updates in past, current, and future versions)

Clan Death Warrant Website & Forums

Server Hints

Monster Mash Music Packs


Character Classes

Classes Overview

Abilities Overview

Medic Master Overview

Weapon Master Overview

Adrenaline Master Overview


Guides and Help

General Informations

Medic Master Character Guide

Weapon Master Character Guide

Adrenaline Master Character Guide


Statistics, Weapons and Artifacts

RPG Statistics 


Magic Weapon Enchantments



Items and Loots


Monster's Loot

Halloween Loot

Christmas Loot






DW Monster Evolution Server



About Monster Evolution

About ME - DWRPG

General ME FAQ

ME - DWRPG Changelog (History of all mayor or minor changes to the ME Server)

Clan Death Warrant Website & Forums

ME Server Rules and Manners

Monster Evolution Music Packs

Elements and Resistance

Map Roster


Character Classes

ME Classes Overview

ME Abilities Overview

ME Stats Overview

Berserker Class Overview

Necromancer Class Overview

Paladin Class Overview

Support Class Overview

Misc and Monster Abilities Overview


Guides and Help

General Informations (such as threat and ranks)

Survival Tips

Keybinds and Console Commands

Berserker Character Guide

Paladin Character Guide

Support Character Guide


Weapons and Enchantments

ME Magic Weapon Enchantments

ME Weapons



ME Bestiary

ME Summons

ME Player Monsters





Questions? Click here to get help.


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